Ken Von Kohorn is a popular name in the state of Connecticut. Especially as far as the social issues such as inculcating moral values in society, bettering the relations and harmony in society, marriage counselling, anti gay marriage and bullying is concerned, he is a reliable and well known face of the city. He is actively involved in many such issues and has vouched against some social problems and has brought about some prominent reforms as well.
Ken Von Kohorn is the founder as well as president of Family Institute of Connecticut, a interdenominational, conservative and non profit organization which was founded in the year 1989 with a goal to encourage and strengthen the values of family and also enhance the bonding of society as well as to promote the Judeo Christian relations in the society and government of the State of Connecticut. The three organizations which functions under the Family Institute of Connecticut are FIC, FIC action and FIC action committee. The Family Institute of Connecticut is focused mainly on projects aimed to strengthen the marriage, education of children and research. In addition, it also opposes ill practices like abortion and homosexual alliance, promotes schools and conducts marriage strengthening programs for opposite sex couples. The FIC action is a social welfare organization established in the year 2004. It conducts political reforms opposite same sex marriage in the state of Connecticut. The FIC action committee is a registered political action committee created in the year 2004 with an aim to promote candidates for state government, who have a sympathetic attitude towards the agenda of the organization.
Peter Wolfgang is the director of Public Policy at the Family Institute of Connecticut from 2004. He was promoted as the executive director of the firm in 2007. The Director of Operations at FIC is Mr. Lawrence Taffner, who holds a corporate experience working as an accountant at a well known international firm. He joined as the director of operation in the year 2003. The office of the firm is located in the centre of city at Buckingham Street in Hartford, Connecticut. The institute found by Ken Von Kohorn has received generous response from the supporter all across the state. They have over 3000 supporters and contributors who donate generous amount for the noble cause.
Ken Von Kohorn is a common face in the state of Connecticut who signifies morality and duty among the commoners. He leads his life a commoner but with a back of steel.

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